How to choose best food processor 2017

Food Processor Buying Guide: 

Now a days food processor is very necessary in our kitchen because its helps us to save time and all kitchen task get completed fast. there is lots of new technology food processor available in market but before buying we should know the key things in food processor before buying. So In this section im going to tell you how to choose food processor and main things to remember before buying it.

 Tips To Choose best Food Processor

how to choose best food processor


Make sure food processor you`re buying is atlest of minimum    600 watt.
for regular task like chopping ,cutting doesn`t take much power but for task like Doughs mixing,
shredding a hard cheese requires more power.
Depending upon your use choose it carefully.

#Size and Capacity

It is depend upon no.of family member you have. Generally family of four requires a 10 cup size
food processor.
but for heavy cooking 14 cup size is more than sufficient.


Food processors come with attachments like various types of blades,bowls and disk for slicing of various degrees and thickness.and it also contains attachments like speed setting that convert it into a citrus or non citrus juicer.
But before buying all these attachments consider whether you would actually use them.

#Brand and Warranties

There are various types of brands available in the market. some of the brands are local or uses a low quality material and sale at cheap price. i recommend you not to buy these types of food processor. you should buy a processor from brand like Philips, bajaj, Morphy Richards and inalsa.

because these are best selling food processor having longer warranty and good service.