Best Food Processor In India 2016 - 2017

Best Food Processor in India - Reviews, Price List, Buying Guide

Planning to buy the best food processor then your are at right place. we all know that in today's busy life slicing and dicing task in your kitchen can be difficult and time taking too.
Specially women's has to suffer. food processor made all this task in simple way and save your time. So we have provided a list of  Top 5 best food processor in india 2017 from hundreds of models available in market place, let's checkout them.

Top 5 Best Selling Food Processor In India

#1.Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 

Philips is one of the most trusted and quality brand in Indian market. They provide very good service and product of best quality having Superior performance. You can do all types of grinding work with Phillips daily collection 7629/90. It gives you great cooking experience with less noise. This food processor uses power chop technology which gives you fast and swift chopping experience.

  • Power- 650 Watts
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • Power Chop technology for superior chopping performance
  • 2.1 litre bowl and 1.75 litre blender jar
  • Includes: Kneading tool, Emulsifying disk, Blender jar, Reversible slicing: Shredding disc (coarse/fine) and Stainless steel S-blade
  • Rating- 4.0 out of 5.0
  • Price- Rs.4590/- only

best food processor in india 2017

#2. Morphy richard Icon DLX 1000 watt 


Features in Short
  • Power- 1000 watt
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • It has in-built locking mechanism
  • Includes: Food Processor, Jumbo size processing bowl (2.4 litre), SAN liquidizing jar (1.5 litre), Stainless steel 304 square jar for dry/wet grinding (1 litre), Stainless steel 304 jar for chutney/paste/small grinding (0.4 litre) and Spatula
  • Rating- 3.5 out of 5

Food processor reviews

#3. Inalsa wonder maxie plus 700 watt 

Inalsa is also a well known brand in food processor, They continue their reputation in the electronics market by giving high quality and efficient food processor. This inalsa wonder maxie plus food processor operates on very low voltage 200-220 volts. So no worry about power consumption, All your daily kitchen task get done by this food processor easily and in less time. Hence this inalsa wonder maxie plus 700 watt food processor is complete package that every kitchen must have.

  • Power- 700 watt
  • Warranty-2 years and 5 years on motor
  • Centrifugal and citrus juicer
  • 4 functional disk blades
  • Rating-3.5 out of 5

Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00

#4. Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00
      Features in Short
    • Power-650 watt
    • Warranty- 2 years
    • Powerchop technology for superior Chopping
    • Includes Kneeding tools, Emulsifying disk, shredding(course), Slicing(coarse), Stailness still S-blade and blender jar
    • Rating- 4 out of 5
    Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00

    #5. Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650 Watt

    • Power-650 watt
    • Warranty- 2 years
    • Powerchop technology for superior Chopping
    • Includes Kneeding tools, Emulsifying disk, shredding(course), Slicing(coarse), Stailness still S-blade and blender jar
    • Rating- 4 out of 5

    Food processor buying guide 2017


      How to choose best food processor 2017

      Food Processor Buying Guide: 

      Now a days food processor is very necessary in our kitchen because its helps us to save time and all kitchen task get completed fast. there is lots of new technology food processor available in market but before buying we should know the key things in food processor before buying. So In this section im going to tell you how to choose food processor and main things to remember before buying it.

       Tips To Choose best Food Processor

      how to choose best food processor


      Make sure food processor you`re buying is atlest of minimum    600 watt.
      for regular task like chopping ,cutting doesn`t take much power but for task like Doughs mixing,
      shredding a hard cheese requires more power.
      Depending upon your use choose it carefully.

      #Size and Capacity

      It is depend upon no.of family member you have. Generally family of four requires a 10 cup size
      food processor.
      but for heavy cooking 14 cup size is more than sufficient.


      Food processors come with attachments like various types of blades,bowls and disk for slicing of various degrees and thickness.and it also contains attachments like speed setting that convert it into a citrus or non citrus juicer.
      But before buying all these attachments consider whether you would actually use them.

      #Brand and Warranties

      There are various types of brands available in the market. some of the brands are local or uses a low quality material and sale at cheap price. i recommend you not to buy these types of food processor. you should buy a processor from brand like Philips, bajaj, Morphy Richards and inalsa.

      because these are best selling food processor having longer warranty and good service.

      THANK YOU!!!

      Philips Food Processor Reviews,Price list And Buying Guide

      Philips Is Very popular brand In India as well in many countries, Giving Quality service to his customer all over the world. The Every philips product is having high superior qualilty and always prefered first before buying from any other brand.

      Philips Food Processor

      When we come to philips food processor,absolutly its stand on his brand name by providing Quality food processor with his latest technology.which make it easy to use.

      philips food processor price list

      1. Philips HR7627/00 food processor reviews


        #What we like

        Very soft chopping


        Attachments are easy to fit and remove


        Good control when doing various task


        The attachments  are stored inside the processor


        #What we don`t like 

        cake mixture doesn't mix well